92 / 96 Combo history

 The 92 / 96 Combo Special was offered during the late 1990's with the intent to give the shooter one pistol capable of firing 2 cartridge types. This was achieved by mating a 90 series frame to two complete slide and barrel assemblies, one chambered in 9 mm Parabellum and the other in 40 S&W. These components were tested as assemblies and marked "Combo" indicating they meet interchangeability requirements. To change calibers the shooter simply swapped out the slide, barrel and magazine. These kits included one frame, one 96 slide and barrel assembly, one 92 slide and barrel assembly, one 96 magazine, one 92 magazine and one each of a 92 and 96 manual all housed in a special hard case. The catalog code was SPEC0229A with a total production of around 2500 units. Last MSRP was $879 in 1998. You may be able to locate one at GunsAmerica.