92FS United We Stand pistol history

To mark the united spirit that followed the events of September 11, 2001 a special version of the 92FS pistol was introduced. Known as the "United We Stand" model this version of the 92FS featured gold engraving on the slide depicting the model name, the American flag and production number stating "1 of 2001". Only 2001 of this version with the Bruniton finish were produced, all were marked the same "1 of 2001". Proceeds from these pistols were donated by Beretta USA to the NYPD Foundation and the National Survivors Fund of the National Capital region. Response to this special version was so great that we followed this original production with a model 92 and 96 made in stainless featuring the same engraving but minus the production numbers of "1 of 2001" and the gold inlay. Approximately 2,500 of the Inox version were produced in 9 mm chambering and 2,500 in 40 S&W chambering