Can I dry fire my Beretta firearm?

Dry fire

Excessive dry-firing, or dry-firing against factory recommendations, may cause premature breakage or undesired wear on your Beretta firearm firing pin(s).  To mitigate this, we strongly recommend the use of plastic "snap-caps" or "dummy rounds" explicitly designed to allow dry-firing with otherwise empty firearms. Snap-caps are an inexpensive and readily available product that will preserve the firing pin service life in your Beretta firearm. Common (and popular) manufacturers are A-ZOOM and Tipton. Many of our consumers wish to use inert dummy rounds made from spent casings with the primer and powder charge removed.  These are suitable for loading and unloading drills, but the open pockets once occupied by the primer offer no protection for the firing pin, and are thus not recommended for dry-firing drills. Representatives of Beretta USA occasionally receive reports of broken firing pins in the Beretta model BU Pico (.380 ACP).  All breakages or premature wear are attributed to empty chamber dry-firing.  The Pico owner's manual expressly states on page 18: "Long-term dry-firing of your Beretta Pico pistol may result in damage to the firing pin." As such, the Beretta Pico must always be dry fired with a snap-cap in the chamber. Additionally, it should be noted that all firearms may have been manipulated and dry-fired by prospective buyers prior to you taking ownership.  Therefore, it is possible (albeit unlikely) that the firing pins have suffered unexpected wear outside of your control.  If you suspect a problem with your firing pins, please call 1-800-BERETTA, ext. 2003.  You may also use this line for any additional technical questions.  Please have your serial number prepared prior to calling to ensure that you are serviced as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please check with your local Beretta dealer to purchase the appropriate snap caps and well as other maintenance items for your firearm.