Can I get my Sako or Tikka repaired through Beretta?

Sako/Tika repair

As the sole importer and distributor in the USA, Beretta performs service and warranty repairs on Sako and Tikka rifles through its factory-authorized service centers.  However, if your rifle model pre-dates the acquisition of Sako by Beretta (year 2000), we are unequipped to perform repairs or part-replacement at this time.  For service on models such as the L-Series, Finnbear, Finnwolf, Pre-Garcias, Tikka shotguns, etc., and depending on how old your model is, we recommend that you check postings on Guns America, the Gun List magazine and Shotguns News for equipped Gunsmiths. For older model Sako rifles, you may wish to check with our service center, Midwest Gun Works for parts and service availability.