Can I have a new barrel fit to my O/U shotgun? How much does it cost?

Barrel Fitting

Short answer? Yes!


  • Depending on the quality/grade of the components, the cost of shipping, parts, and labor may exceed the cost of a new shotgun.  This service is recommended primarily for repairs, rather than elective services  In the latter case, we recommend the purchase of a new shotgun. However, this is customer discretion.
  • If you wish to have a different barrel configuration (e.g. Trap to Sporting) fit to your firearm, be advised, it may imply the need for a replacement stock and forend set, as the rib of a barrel is designed around an intended purpose, as are the stock and forend set.  For instance, a Trap barrel requires a Monte Carlo stock, rather than a Sporting grade stock.  As such, service costs will exceed the cost of a new firearm, and we recommend that a new shotgun be purchased, one designed for it's intended purpose.
  • Should stock/forend sets need to be installed, they too require professional fitting.
    • Average barrel cost $1,000-$1,500
    • Average stock and forend set cost: $700-$1500
    • Average cost per fitting: $250
    • This will vary based on model, for instance, DT11 components are much more expensive

Beretta USA in Accokeek, MD, typically charges approximately $250 plus shipping (and applicable sales tax) to fit barrels to an over & under shotgun. Beretta authorized service centers may offer different pricing.

If you are interested in the this service, please click this link for information to send your firearm to Beretta USA.  Please ship your firearm to:

Beretta USA Corporation
ATTN: Service Department
17601 Beretta Drive
Accokeek, MD 20607

Include a detailed letter, describing the reason for sending in the firearm and components, as well as your name, contact information, and shipping information.  Additional pertinent details are requested, should they be necessary.

Turnaround times vary and may range from days to weeks depending on the season.  Additionally, timeframes will vary depending on part availability.

Barrels, as well as stock and forend sets, are sold on