Can I have different gauge barrels installed to my over-and-under?

Install different gauge barrels

Barrels chambered in alternative gauges can be installed to your O/U shotgun, based on availability of the requisite receiver/barrel combination. Barrel fit capability is contingent upon the receiver size of the shotgun. Beretta offers 3 different receiver sizes on our O/U shotguns:
  • Shotguns shipped from the factory in a 12 gauge configuration are built on 12 gauge frames, you may have a 20 gauge or 28 gauge barrel set fit.
  • Shotguns shipped from the factory in a 20 gauge configuration are built on 20 gauge frames, you may have a 28 gauge barrel set fit.

Shotguns shipped from the factory in a 28  gauge configuration could be built on a 20 gauge frame, you may have a 20 gauge barrel set fit in this case, the exception is with shotguns listed next that are shipped on 28/410 gauge frames.  Currently, the majority of 28 gauge shotguns are built on 28 gauge receivers.

NOTE: As described, the receiver of the shotgun must be designed for, or larger than, the barrel gauge to be fit.



Due to the potential for ongoing changes in firearm designs and configurations, ALL information should act only as a guideline, and not a substitute for a personally conducted measurement.

These barrels require fitting and timing of the ejectors. Therefore, we suggest that they be fitted by an authorized Beretta repair facility.  If these barrels are purchased and installed by a non-authorized gunsmith, they will not be covered under warranty, should damage ensue.


****Please Consult the Diagram Below to Determine if a Barrel Will Fit Your Receiver****


  • 12 Gauge: 2 3/16"
  • 20 Gauge: 2 1/8 "
  • 28 Gauge: 2"

28/410 Gauge Shotguns Shipped in 28/410 Gauge Receivers:(28/410 Barrels Can Be Fit):

  • 686 Covey
  • 687 EL 
  • 687 EELL
  • Silver Pigeon III
  • Silver Pigeon V  
  • Silver Pigeon S (2005-) 

Beretta offered a 682 Skeet shotgun with a 4 barrel set of 12, 20, 28 and 410 gauge. until 1995. This combo set was built on a 12 gauge wide frame,  a few barrels in 410 gauge for this set are still carried.

Not all barrel lengths are available in every gauge.