Can I shoot .22LR High-Velocity ammunition in my Beretta M21 .22LR Bobcat?

.22 Rounds in a Bobcat

Beretta recommends standard velocity .22 LR ammunition because the lower velocity creates a longer “dwell time" of the bullet in barrel. This gives the propellant gases, trapped in the barrel by the bullet, more time to push against the slide and function the action properly. With high velocity ammunition the "dwell time" of the bullet in the barrel is much shorter and the propellant gases are allowed to vent out the muzzle much sooner, reducing the thrust on the slide. Some brands of .22 LR high-velocity ammunition may function properly in the M21 .22LR Bobcat. The user will have to experiment with different brands to find the ones that will work best in their firearm. Beretta does not recommend hyper-velocity .22 LR ammunition as the impact of the reasons mentioned above is even far greater. Accuracy may also be adversely impacted by use of the higher-velocity ammunitions as well.