Can the Kick Off device be added to my 391 Xtrema ?

Introduced as an option in the new 391 Xtrema 2 the Kick-Off reduction system (patent pending) is a device that features two hydraulic recoil dampers incorporated into stock “spacer” unit.

Tested and proven to reliably operate under the harshest climate extremes, this system combined with other features of the Xtrema 2 can reduce recoil perceived by the shooter up to 44 percent over other shotguns. If you purchased your Xtrema 2 without this option and have decided to install it yourself, all you need to order is part number C87927, available through our 
Parts Department or your dealer.

Adding the Kick Off system to your  Xtrema 1 or synthetic stock Urika and Urika 2 requires replacement of the original stock to the new Xtrema 2 type. The stock with black finish, part number C89945, and the KickOff unit, part number C87927, can be purchased from our parts distributor, Brownells.  You will also need to purchase and install a field MicroCore recoil pad.

Notes for all installations of the Kick-Off system:

Installation is straight forward, similar to changing the drop / cast spacers per your instruction manual. Be prepared to drill a hole for the swivel installation (if you require one). Please note that installation of the Kick-Off unit or the Kick-Off kit with the correct pad will provide a length of pull of 14.25 inches, this dimension can not be made any shorter