Do you of youth or ladies versions of your shotguns?

Yes, we offer shotguns with stocks of a reduced length of pull that are a better match for all shooters of smaller stature.

Competition shooters desiring a 12 gauge chambering have an excellent choice in the 
3901 Target RL shotgun. This shotgun was designed from the ground up in cooperation with the NRA Youth Program, Scholastic Clay Target Program and the Boy Scouts of America. The walnut stock features a short 12 inch length of pull, a comb that is adjustable for height and cast, a spacer system that allows for right or left hand cast settings and two additional one-half inch spacers that allow additional stock length to be added as needed. Based off of our award winning AL390 shotgun the gas operated action provides for soft recoil using a variety of shell loadings and is offered in either 26 or 28 inch barrel lengths. For additional information click here.

We also offer the 
AL391 Urika 2 Parallel Target RL shotgun for competition shooters. This shotgun is a great all around gun for sporting clays and trap shooters of smaller stature. The "RL" stands for "Reduced Length" and the walnut stock's length of pull on this model measures 13 and one-half inches and features a parallel non adjustable comb. The stock is adjustable using a spacer system for left or right cast and 2 drop heights at the heel. The same soft recoil is provided by the self adjusting gas operated action with added features of a recoil buffer in the receiver and a self cleaning piston. Barrel lengths available are 28 or 30 inches.