Frequency Asked Questions Regarding the Beretta Nano Pistol

Nano General Questions

Will the Nano pistol be available for sale in California?

Answer:  No, the Nano will not be available in California.

Will the Nano (9mm) be capable of firing a steady diet of high pressure law enforcement ammo that is often rated +P or +P+?

Answer:  Yes, however you should expect the life expectancy of the firearm to decrease somewhat if you use it continuously in the pistol. Beretta does not recommend the use of +P+ ammunition in its handguns.

Where can I obtain a holster for my Nano?

Answer:  Holsters are available in the Beretta e-Store at this link.

Where can I obtain more information and a copy of the owner's manual for the Nano?

Answer:  Please visit at this link.

What is the trigger pull on the Nano?

Answer: 6.6 lbs plus or minus 1 pound.  The triggers typically run on the heavy side.

Can you provide me with additional technical specifications on the Nano?

You can download the owner's manual here and refer to page 25 for detailed technical specifications.