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How do I install the Beretta recoil reducer on a 391 Teknys / Urika?

The Beretta recoil reducer is installed into a cavity that is pre-drilled inside certain 12 and 20 gauge 391 stocks. All Optima bore 12 gauge 391 shotguns with wood stocks will accept the recoil reducer. 391 20 gauge shotguns with wood stocks built after 2005 will have this capability.

To install the Beretta recoil reducer, please apply the following instructions:

Caution: Refer to the owners manual and make sure the firearm is unloaded before performing any procedure.

1.  Remove the 2 butt pad screws by using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver (use silicon spray or paste on the screwdriver shaft to prevent rubber displacement). The Gel Tek pad is removed by pulling the metal wire out from the bottom of the pad about 1 1/2"  and pulling the pad straight off the back of the stock.

2.  Using a 13 mm socket with the proper length extension, remove the stock retaining nut. Note how the oval plate below the nut is installed, it is marked with numbers and letters.  Be sure you record this setting for proper reinstallation. Remove the oval plate.

3.  Drop the recoil reducer into the hole that is now exposed. The small end of the device will face the rear of the shotgun.

4.  Install the oval plate in the previously recorded position and install the lock washer and nut. Tighten the nut to 13 ft lbs.

5.  Reinstall the butt pad.

If needed, you may also consult the "Stock Drop and Cast Modification" section of your manual for additional information on removing the stock.