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How do I install the fast bolt release and what are all the parts in the case?

Beretta offers 2 fast bolt release's, one for the 12 ga 391 Teknys and one for the 12 ga 391 Urika. To identify the proper release lever look at the round cross pin, the Teknys lever will have 2 grooves machined on the pivot pin, the Urika lever only has one groove. 

Please reference the nomenclature page of your owners manual.  The fast bolt release is installed as follows:

Caution: Refer to the owners manual and make sure the firearm is UNLOADED before performing any procedure.

1.  Using a punch or similar tool, remove the trigger plate retaining pin (part A3) by pushing the pin from the left side of the receiver to the right side.

2.  From the right side, install the pivot pin of the bolt release into the open receiver hole aligning the paddle end of the release over the bolt release button (part A4)