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How do I remove the magazine limiter plug on the Xtrema?

1 - Make sure the firearm is completely unloaded.

Use safety glasses, the magazine end cap is under spring tension and can cause injury or damage if allowed to move uncontrolled.

2 - Remove the fore-end cap, fore-end and barrel per your instruction manual.

3 -  Working at the muzzle end of the magazine tube , place one hand over the magazine cap and use a finger of the  other hand to depress the square tab found on the side of the magazine tube. The cap will release under great spring tension so be prepared to keep control of it. You may need a small punch or similar tool to help depress this tab, use this tool carefully so the tab is not broken.

4 - Slowly release the tension on the spring, remove the magazine cap from the spring and remove the plug from inside the spring.

5 -  Reassembly - Place the magazine cap on the spring, push down on the cap to compress the spring into the magazine tube and align the magazine cap locking tab with the square cut hole on the side of the magazine tube. Push the magazine cap down until it is flush with the end of the magazine tube and the magazine cap locking tab has "locked" inside the square cut hole. Slowly release you hold on the magazine cap making sure the magazine cap locking tab is secure inside the magazine tube square cut hole.

6 - Reassemble the barrel, fore-end and fore-end cap.

If you have any doubts about your ability to safely perform this procedure, you should have the plug removal performed by a competent gunsmith.