How is the grip removed on the Neos pistol?

Follow the instructions in your owners manual to ensure the firearm is unloaded before performing any procedure.

1 - Pull the slide back to lock the action open.

2 - Remove the magazine, again check for an empty chamber.

3 - Remove the Allen head cap bolt at the bottom of the grip using the supplied tool or a 5 mm Allen wrench.

4 - Important - Make sure you do not disturb the slide catch during this process, when the grip is off  the slide catch is free to come loose and parts may be lost.

5 - Grasp the barrel in one hand and pull down at the back of the grip. The grip and trigger guard are one piece, the trigger guard is attached by press fit at the front of the frame , continue pulling down on the rear of the grip in a hinging motion until the front trigger guard detaches.

6 - To install the grip, align the press fit catch at the front of the trigger guard with the corresponding hole in the frame and push the front trigger guard up and into the receiver, swing the rear of the grip up to the rear of the frame.

7 - Install the bolt in the bottom of the grip and tighten until snug.

8 - Check for proper operation of controls - magazine release and slide catch.

If you are not sure of your ability to perform this procedure please seek the assistance of a gunsmith.