How tight should my Sako/Tikka screws be?

Torque on Sako/Tikka Screws

If you have questions regarding torque specifications for Sako and Tikka rifles, please read the following article carefully.

Where available, Beretta USA recommends the use of a torque reading screw driver or torque wrench when installing scope mount bases and assembling scope mount rings. Reasonably priced and quality torque reading tools are available from a variety of sources. We suggest contacting Brownells; should you require one.

The torque values published in the manual are listed as the factory setting.  Achieving this setting without stripping the threads requires industrial grade equipment that is not commercially available, as well as installation by a trained technician.  Use of commercially available gauges and tools requires a far lower torque value than offered in official documentation from Sako and Tikka.

An overabundance of action screw torque (in excess of the values below) will result in a number of possible breakages, such as bolt damage and the stripping of screws and threads. If the threads are stripped by anyone who is not represented by a Beretta Authorized Service Center, these breakages will not be covered by the factory warranty, nor replaced free of charge.

The following chart is intended only as a guideline and it is not a substitute for sound judgement. If a screw feels "good and tight," do not risk stripping the threads by applying excessive force. All metrics are nominal and subject to change without notice. Due to acceptable variations in manufacturing tolerances, metallic composition, and finish, you may require slightly more or less torque than depicted. Use a judicious approach when implementing these torque values. Screws with little thread engagement may prove easy to inadvertently strip. Use these numbers at your own risk and discretion, as breakages that result from their use will not be covered by the factory warranty, and the onus of replacement is on the consumer.

Torque Settings:

Screw                                                                                                     Torque Setting

All Sako & Tikka Action Screws

25-30 Inch Pounds

Optilock Scope Ring Cap Screws

17-22 Inch Pounds

Optilock Base to Scope Ring Stud Screw & Base to Dovetail Clamp Screw

25 Inch Pounds

Tikka T3 Aluminum Scope Ring Cap Screws

12-14 Inch Pounds

Tikka/Sako A7 Screw-On Bases

10-12 Inch Pounds (Less than six (6) threads of engagement in receiver thread)

15-17 Inch Pounds (More than six (6) threads of engagement in the receiver thread)

Additional Notes:

  1. Scope mount ring cap screws do not require the application of a thread locker (e.g. Loc-Tite). The spring load of the scope ring cap around the scope tube will keep the screw tight.
  2. We suggest a drop of Loc-Tite 222 or 242 grade thread locker be applied to screw-on type scope base screws. Immediately after installing your bases, verify that the thread locker has not seeped into the chamber or action of your firearm. If so, clean the affected area and parts immediately with an adequate firearms cleaning solvent.
  3. Never torque a screw home dry. If not using a thread locker on screws, such as scope ring cap screws, apply a drop of oil to the underside of the head of the screw and the threads and then wipe "dry". There will be enough residual oil to allow the screw to seat properly.
  4. Should you require additional parts:
    1. Rings and bases are sold on 
    2. New screws are often sold on, or

If you have additional questions, please call 1-800-BERETTA, ext. 2003. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.--5 p.m., EST. If applicable, have your serial number prepared.