How to remove the cylinder from a Beretta Laramie revolver?

WARNING: Visually check to be sure all chambers are unloaded in the cylinder before performing this or any other procedure to the firearm. Use common safety steps when working with firearms and tools.

Removing the cylinder from the revolver: This operation may require expertise and tools not typically available to the public. As such we recommend that the revolver be taken to a qualified gunsmith with a thorough understanding of the function and disassembly of Laramie pattern revolver. The information that follows will allow a trained gunsmith with proper tools to remove the cylinder. The use of incorrect tools and or processes, described or implied, may result in damage to components of the revolver. Beretta and or its agents take no responsibility for the use of this information and any damages that may result from the use of this information.

Overview: The cylinder is retained on the cylinder axle by the cylinder retaining plate. The cylinder retaining plate is mounted in groove located on the underside of the top strap. The retaining plate may be seen when the revolver is opened as when loading or unloading. Viewing the cylinder/barrel assembly from the breach end the cylinder stop may be seen as small flange located immediately under the rear sight, overlapping the breech end face of the cylinder at the 12:00 o'clock position. The cylinder retaining plate is held in place by the cylinder retaining screw "P", a large slot head thumb screw located on the top strap forward of the rear sight assembly.

Removal of the Cylinder: To remove the cylinder the cylinder retaining screw "P" must be removed. The screwdriver slot is narrow and coin shaped. It is imperative to use a parallel ground screwdriver correctly profiled to the slot radius to ensure that the screw is not damaged. Upon removal of the cylinder retaining screw "P" the cylinder assembly may be gently pulled away from the breech end of the barrel assembly. Note: Care should be taken to insure that as the cylinder assembly moves the cylinder retaining plate forward and up that the plate does not drag across, and mar the finish of the cylinder.

Reassembly: With the cylinder retaining plate located in the slot in the top strap, insure that the retaining plate is positioned far enough out of the slot to allow the cylinder to place on the cylinder axle without interference from the retaining plate. Position and seat the cylinder assembly on the cylinder axle. Using a soft nylon faced punch or wooden dowel tap the cylinder retaining plate forward in its slot toward the muzzle. Use very slight pressure and check your progress by observing the alignment of the screw hole in the cylinder retaining plate relative to the cylinder retaining screw hole in the top strap. When properly aligned insert cylinder retaining screw "P". Do not over-tighten, snug is all that is required.