I can pull the trigger with the bolt open, and when I close the pump arm the hammer will follow the bolt down. Will the rifle slam fire or fire the chambered cartridge?

The hammer will follow the bolt if you have the trigger pulled back. This is normal and the cartridge will not fire due to the incorporation of a firing pin interlock lever. The firing pin interlock lever prevents the forward movement of the firing pin until the breech bolt is locked. Further, the hammer loses a considerable amount of inertia force following down against the breech bolt down to the locked position. This combined with the firing pin interlock lever prevent the cartridge from firing. 
If your hammer follows the breech bolt down and you have not pulled the trigger,there is a problem and you should stop using the firearm until it is serviced by a Beretta gunsmith. In this case the rifle cartridge would not fire due to the transfer bar safety, but a problem is still indicated and should be attended to.