I have a Beretta firearm. If I give you the serial number, what can you tell me about the gun? Also, can you tell me its value?

Currently, Beretta Italy, nor Beretta USA do not employ the services of a factory historian. We generally do not have historical data (e.g. age) on firearms built and sold by Beretta USA Corporation prior to 1988. For firearms sold within the United States by Beretta USA Corp after 1988, information available is limited to make, model, caliber, and the year that the firearm was sold to a dealer or imported. You can perform your own serial number search here.

Additionally, you may search "Date of Manufacture" in the search block above for more information on our line of firearms.  This is especially helpful for Italian imports. To do so, you may also click here.

For vintage Beretta firearms, circa mid-1977 and earlier, we do not maintain any official history, or technical specifications on firearms that we ourselves did not build or import. Beretta USA was established in 1977.  Therefore, firearms manufactured in the years prior were imported by third parties.

If you cannot find additional information, you may perform a web search on your firearm, or consult the various online forums with historical information.

Additionally, we cannot appraise firearms, as this is against corporate policy, and we cannot physically inspect the firearm.  If you wish to appraise your firearm, we recommend seeking a knowledgeable dealer than handles trade-ins or consignments.