I have a Beretta pistol marked Model 71 and an old magazine advertisement I have refers to it as the Model 71 Jaguar. How does this pistol vary from the Model 70? Where can I find an owners manual?

Model 71

In 1958, a completely redesigned medium frame family of Beretta Pistols, the "70 Series", was introduced to the marketplace. The 70 Series replaced the previous medium frame pistols, Model 924, Model 935, Model 984 and Model 949. The Model 70 was made first, in .32 ACP caliber, followed by the Model 71 in .22 LR. Other variations include in .22 LR. caliber: Model 72, 74, 76; in .32 ACP caliber: Model 100; in .380 ACP caliber Model 70S. Introduced later half of the 1970's the Model 70S incorporated a magazine safety and was also available in .22 LR and .32 ACP calibers. Variants of these models where know by the following trade names: Jaguar, Sable, New Sable, New Puma. The owners manual for the Model 70 covers all major aspects of all 70 series pistols. For available owners manuals and schematics and information on where to purchase available parts. An excellent source of material on Beretta pistols is "Beretta Pistols, The Ultimate Guide", J.B. Wood, Stoeger Books, ISBN: 0-88317-313-1