I have a Beretta product no longer listed in your catalog. Where can I obtain parts, an owners manual or technical information for it?

Discontinued Products

Thank you for your continued use of Beretta products.  Availability of repair parts, owners manuals and technical information is primarily determined by the vintage of the firearm/product and whether Beretta USA was the importer and distributor of  the product in the United States. 

If the item is a vintage or discontinued product that is not listed in our current annual catalog, you can check the following locations for possible information:

Your first step should be to check Beretta's
Firearm Technical Data Search Application located at our Customer Support web site.  You can enter the serial number of your firearm and retrieve schematics, parts listings, owner's manuals and marketing literature relevant to your firearm.  If we cannot locate your firearm information, you will be directed to contact us for assistance.

Other possible sources of information include:

Owners manuals and technical information may be found at Beretta Web or through Beretta Services.

Repair parts as well as service may be available through our Service Center -
Midwest Gun Works which specializes in supporting our vintage and discontinued products.  Please note that there may be limited availability of parts for vintage Beretta firearms, or Beretta firearms imported prior to Beretta USA being established (1977) and Sako/Tikka firearms manufactured prior to the acquisition by Beretta (2000).