I have heard that there is a recall on the Beretta U22 NEOS pistol. What can you tell me about it?

U22 Neos Recall

On 15 September, 2010, Beretta announced a recall of the U22 NEOS pistol for a potential safety issue.  Many recently-produced NEOS pistols are unaffected by the recall.  Beretta established a dedicated section to their customer support website to provide NEOS owners with the means to: determine if their pistol was affected by the recall, ship their pistol to Beretta for service and check the status of their service.  This web site can be accessed at: www.berettasupport.com/neos
NEOS owners are highly encouraged to review all of the information available on this web site as it will answer the majority of questions regarding this recall.  The web site is continually updated, particulary the
FAQ section, to reflect answers to questions submitted by owners.
We would like to emphasize that those owners sending in their NEOS for service that Beretta does not to provide a shipping box, although UPS does offer a Small Box that will accommodate the NEOS inside its carrying case. A suitabably-sized cardboard box will work as well. The pistols should unloaded and wrapped with suitable packaging material and shipped inside their plastic carrying case.  Please do not include any magazines or accessories with the NEOS, as they are not required for the factory service.
Once the owner has confirmed that their NEOS requires service, they can generate the pick up tag.  The UPS driver will attempt 3 pick up attempts commencing the following business day.  The driver will bring the shipping tag with them, affix it to the box and provide the owner with a receipt.  More information regarding this process is available
The UPS Shipping Application validates the serial number entered by the owner against a file of known serial numbers that require servicing.  If the owner has confirmed that their NEOS requires servicing using the inspection methods described
here and is unable to generate a UPS call tag, the owner should create an incident or call 1-800-929-2901. Please provide the serial number and e-mail address when creating the incident or calling.  Upon receipt, Beretta will contact the owner and provide disposition instructions.
A common misperception is that the owner simply has to replace the firing pin to resolve the issue.  This is not correct.  The firing pin is only one of the components that is replaced. Due to the nature of the service process, including the use of special gauging, the service cannot be performed by the owner.  The firearm must be sent to Beretta to be effectively serviced.