I just purchased a new Beretta firearm from my dealer. When I brought it home and opened the box I was missing components or accessories that the owner's manual stated should have been included.

How to acquire missing accessories

First, it is always a wise practice to inspect the firearm prior to purchase to ensure that all components and accessories, such as choke tubes, wrenches, etc. are included with the firearm.

If upon later inspection, you discover that you are missing items that should have been included with your firearm, you should contact the dealer or retailer where you purchased the firearm and request the missing components. You may also choose to purchase the items from
Brownells. Beretta USA does not offer free replacement components nor sells directly to the public.

If the firearm is damaged, you should contact your dealer for resolution.  If you decide to keep it, be sure to
register your firearm to ensure warranty coverage.  You can send your firearm to one of our service centers for repair.  Please be certain to read our firearms warranty information, as Beretta does not cover minor cosmetic imperfections or rust under warranty.