I live in a state that has a Roster/Review board, can you tell what Beretta's can be sold in my state?

Roster/Review States

Due to the number of states that currently have Roster or Review Boards which are continually updating the status of submitted firearms Beretta is unable to supply you with a listing of approved or unapproved items by state.  Each one of the states does maintain a web site concerning these firearms. Normally these sites can be located through your State's Attorney's web page.  You will be able to find a listing of those firearms which have or have not been approved by your state. This information can vary by jurisdiction also. If a particular Beretta firearm is not listed on the approved list, this indicates that the firearm is not approved for sale in that state, or it is pending approval.  For those firearms submitted for state approval, Beretta will not know the status of the submission until it appears on the state's respective firearms roster as approved. For 2013, due to the amount of pending legislation regarding firearms, we suggest that you check the listing for your state on a frequent basis, as we may introduce new models for approval to be in compliance with any new statutes. Selected state/commonwealth approved fireams rosters are located here:  California  Massachusetts Specifically, the M21A is not currently approved for sale in the state of California.