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I purchased a Beretta UGB25 Xcel and noticed that I can purchase an optional recoil reduction system. Where can I get the system and how do I install it?

Recoil Reduction System

You will need to order the following parts from Brownells:

C5C672, C5C350, C59932, C5C419 and C95308

Once you have received your parts, please follow the instructions below to assemble them into your UGB25 Xcel:


(A)     C5C672    Recoil Reducer Steel Rod
(B)     C95308     Shock Absorber Spring
(C)     C59932     Rubber Gasket/O-Ring
(D)     C5C350     Recoil Reducer Plate
(E)     C5C419     Absorber Guide Bushing

What you will receive is made specifically for the UGB25. You will receive a steel rod (A) which has a big and a little end. And you will
receive a small rubber gasket (C) and plastic spacer (E) in which the gasket fits.You will also receive a small plate (D) and a spring (B). A total of 5 parts.

Completely remove the butt plate AND the hardware at the bottom of the stock. You will see a hole running along the bottom edge of the stock.

Put the spring (B) on the little end of the steel rod (A) and drop it in the hole with the spring end FIRST.

You then put the rubber gasket (C) inside the recessed side of the plastic spacer (E) and place it on top of the rod with the o-ring towards the rear. The best way to do that is through the slot that is perpendicular to the hole.

Now comes the tricky part. The small plate (D) has a flat side and a concave side. The flat side goes up (towards the rear) and you push it in the slot I mentioned above. This holds everything in place. The trick is that you have to put a little downward pressure on the spacer, gasket and spring while at the same time pushing the plate in all way. This can be accomplished using the appropriate-sized socket on a socket extension.