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I received extra chokes packaged with my firearm. How do I determine what type of shooting the choke tubes are used for?

  1. To determine which choke tube and shot type to use for various shooting situations, please
    to the chart below.
    Shot Size Chart

*For steel shot, the maximum choke constriction should be Modifed, which produces a shot pattern equivalent to a Full choke with lead shot. Using a tighter constriction may distort the shot pattern and damage the barrel.

Please contact your local Beretta dealer or Midwest Gun Works for additional assistance and to purchase your choke tubes. Choke tubes are also available in our e-Store.

If you are uncertain of the choke system in your shotgun, you can check our technical database or call Customer Support at 1-800-BERETTA, extension 2003.

As with any shotgun, always be sure to check your choke tubes during use to verify that they are tight in the barrel. Loose choke tubes can cause barrel damage.