I signed up for the Notify Me When Available in the Beretta e-Store at www.berettausa.com. But when I went to order it, it was out of stock again.

Out of Stock Items

The Beretta e-Store Notify Me When Available functionality is designed for items that are currently out of stock and may become available in the future.  This functionality is provided as a courtesy to our customers. The e-Store does not accept back orders because some items, particularly seasonal and specialty apparel and close-out items, may never become available again.  Consequently, back orders are not taken as Beretta would not be able to fill the back order. Under normal circumstances, normally-stocked items will occasionally sell out.  In this instance, when Beretta receives a new shipment of the item and it is placed in inventory, the e-Store will send an e-mail notification to the customer advising them that the item is now available to order. Under special circumstances for high-demand or limited stock items, once the items become available, they may sell out very quickly, which gives the customer a very narrow time window in which to order the item before they sell out.  Unfortunately, Beretta cannot control demand in a limited stock situation.  In this instance, sales are on a first-come, first-served basis. Although Beretta recognizes that the special circumstances can create customer frustration, over time supply will balance with demand and the customer will be able to order the product.  Additionally, allowing a back order under these circumstances would not necessarily guarantee that the customer would receive the product any sooner, as there would most likely be a significant number of back orders in the system ahead of the customers order that would be filled first. Under these circumstances, we ask the customer to be patient, since as supply and demand balance, the customer will be able to order the desired product in the quantities desired.