I was wondering why my Model 96 Inox has black polymer parts and some Model 96 pistols have all stainless parts?

Starting in 2001 Beretta began phasing in polymer parts into our 92/96 pistols. This was done only after extensive testing confirmed the high tech Polymer parts showed superior wear characteristics and self lubricating properties. We feel these parts are a better choice in their intended usage then the originals, predominately due to the fact that the operating nature of these parts is that the surface finish wears with extended use. That is "silver color" starts to show through on blued steel parts. Polymer parts do not exhibit finish wear with extensive use. Some of the Polymer parts that may see high stress loads are reinforced by overmolding a steel subassembly. You will find that all current produced pistols have polymer guide rods, triggers, safety levers, hammer spring caps / lanyard loops,  magazine bottom plates and followers.