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Instructions to install Kick-off to Xtrema 2?

Make sure the firearm chamber, magazine and carrier lever is unloaded  before performing any procedure.

These instructions are given assuming you have a skill level sufficient to accomplish the task. If you are uncertain about any procedure outlined we suggest that you do not attempt the work, return the firearm to the factory or have your local gunsmith provide these services.

If you have the Xtrema or Urika shotgun you will need to purchase the complete Xtrema 2 stock kit to install the Kick-Off unit, please . If you currently have an Xtrema 2 or Urika 2 you can add the Kick-Off device by only replacing the stock insert - following these instructions:

You will need the K.O. insert - part # C87927. A #2 Phillips head screwdriver, 6mm Allen wrench, a 13 mm socket wrench, a 7/16" drill bit and drill.

Make sure the firearm is unloaded !!

Remove the Gel Tek pad by pulling the wire clip at the bottom at the bottom of the pad downward.               

Using the 13 mm socket unscrew the stock retaining nut located inside the stock.                                         

Remove the nut and lock washer.

Below the washer is a oval plate that controls the stock drop measurement, this plate is installed with a letter and number code stamped into the plate. Record this number as read across the top of the plate.                       

Remove the stock from the receiver paying attention to the drop shim that is placed in between. You will need to note the way this shim is positioned for correct installation later. (This is outlined in you manual under "Stock Drop and Cast Modification".) 

With the stock in hand: Remove the quick release swivel or the plug at the bottom of the stock.                     

Using your 6 mm Allen wrench unscrew the swivel "nut" that is inside the stock at this location. Once this swivel nut is removed you will be able to take out the original insert from the rear of the stock.                                          

With the original insert in hand make note of the drop plate positioning and remove this plate from the insert. Transfer this drop plate into the location provided on the new K.O. unit making sure the letters and numbers are positioned correctly. 

Installation of the K.O. unit:

If you want to retain the swivel feature you will need to enlarge the hole at the bottom of the K.O. unit.     Compare your old insert with the KO unit and you will see that in the swivel area the hole in the original insert is larger and deeper. To open the swivel hole in the KO unit use your drill and a 7/16" drill bit, drill the swivel hole 1/2" deep.

With the K.O. unit in hand guide it into your stock paying close attention to rubber skirt on the unit's sides. You will need to tuck this skirt into the stock as you install the K.O. unit. Use your thumb to walk the skirt around and inside the stock.                                                                                                                                               Once the unit is flush with the back of stock secure the unit in place by screwing the swivel nut into the hole you have drilled.

With the K.O. unit secure in the stock, place the drop shim at the front of the stock. Make sure you position it correctly as previously noted. Slide the stock over the receiver tube, make sure the drop plate inside the stock is still properly positioned and install the lock washer and stock nut. Tighten this nut until snug or to 12 Ft lbs if you have a torque wrench.

From the old insert remove the 2 pad buttons using the Phillips screwdriver. Install these buttons onto the new unit. Reinstall your Gel Tek pad and secure the wire clip at the bottom.

* If you are not sure you can perform all the task outlined we suggest having a gunsmith do the installation.