Is there a steel guide rod for the 92A1?

92A1 Steel Guide Rod

There are no plans to produce a steel guide rod assembly for the 92A1. We went away from a steel guide rod to the polymer guide rod on the M9 military model, and subsequent commercial 90 series pistols, based on experience with the M9 military variant under harsh combat conditions. The polymer guide rod has a natural lubricity that the steel rod lacks and under adverse conditions there is far less drag built up between the polymer guide and recoil spring then there would be with a steel guide rod under the same conditions.
Also, under very, very dirty operating conditions where sand may penetrate to the inside of the pistol, the sand will imbed into the polymer rod and allow the pistol to continue functioning where with the steel guide rod the sand binds the recoil spring to the guide rod causing a short cycle malfunction.