Is there any warranty consideration or recourse for cosmetic or aesthetic issues on firearms?

Cosmetic Warranty Repair

Unfortunately, no.

As avid shooters and firearm owners, the staff at Beretta USA fully understand that firearm cosmetics are a very contentious, passionate, and personally subjective topic, encompassing the cosmetic finish of the wood, metal, and polymer components of a firearm.
Beretta USA (and associated companies) maintain highly trained and experienced quality control specialists, who inspect the surface finish of every firearm immediately prior to packaging.  Additionally, they grade and match the stock sets as best they can, given the natural variation of the material, and supply of the material at any given time. The issue becomes complicated, with consideration for the elements that Beretta USA has no control over, such as the storage, display and handling of firearms once the firearm has left our hands.  Essentially, cosmetic issues are either noticeable at purchase, or inflicted upon the firearm by powers beyond our control.

Therefore, it is the position of Beretta that the purchaser of the firearm must, prior to entering into a contract to purchase the firearm and/or take delivery of the firearm, inspect the firearm for appearance and cosmetics. If the grade of the wood, matching of the wood components, cosmetic finish of the wood, or any metal or polymer component in anyway does not meet the expectation of the purchaser, the purchaser should not complete the transaction and decline to take delivery of the firearm.  It is paramount to customer satisfaction that the prospective buyer inspects the firearm, to determine if there are characteristics that preclude them from purchase.

To that end, the Beretta warranty policy states: "The manufacturer does not warrant the wood (stock and forend), grips or metal finish with respect to finish, matching of pieces, dents, scratches, cuts, dings, etc. which are or should be apparent to the purchaser when the product is purchased. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect this particular product prior to purchase."

Should the buyer commit to the purchase, any services regarding cosmetic conditions are a cost absorbed by the consumer, with respect to both shipping, as well as labor.  Be advised, cosmetics are rarely, if ever, adverse to function in any way.  Lastly, many cosmetic issues are a result of wear and tear on the firearm, and are considered normal.