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My Beretta shotgun is not patterning correctly. How can I get this issue resolved?

Shotgun Patterning

Please note, almost every shotgun that we receive for patterning issues is found to be within factory specifications, and no corrective action is required.

Additionally, please note that shotgun/stock fit is highly subjective to the individual shooter.  Improper fit or use may negatively impact adequate patterning.  In many cases, the owner may consult a stock fit specialist to determine the ideal drop and length of pull.  Additionally, every Beretta shotgun uses cast, where the stock is laterally offset to accommodate right or left hand shooters.  Please ensure that your shotgun uses the proper Only semi-automatic models are designed to be user adjustable.  O/U and SBS shotguns require custom fitting, which is done at user risk.

Moreover, make sure that you are using the proper choke for your target and distance.  Pellet composition will also impact patterning efficacy.  For more information on Beretta choke tubes, click here.

Take care to use good quality, factory loaded ammunition.  

If you believe that your shotgun is not patterning correctly,  we request that you troubleshoot the problem using the information below.  These methods are identical to those used by gunsmiths at Beretta USA/Italy to evaluate shotgun patterning, both during the manufacturing process and service.  This information is provided in an effort to rule out possible errors stemming from external forces.  This evaluation may spare you valuable time and money.

Ensure that you are firing your shotgun from a rested and level position, sighting down the rib.  The range from the shotgun muzzle to the target should be about 30 meters (32.8 yards). Your target is a 3 x 3 square, with a six (6) inch diameter black dot in the center.  Picture this target as an analog clock.  The top of the rib (pictured below) is placed aligned with the 6 o'clock position of the black circle.  The front bead has a slight overlap in to the circle.  This is intended as a reference point.

Only one target is required for single barrel shotguns, such as semi-automatic models.   For these models, you should use a Full choke.  For O/U shotguns, you will require two targets - one to pattern each barrel. Use a Full choke in the top barrel and an Improved Modified choke in the bottom barrel. Fire three (3) consecutive shots from one barrel at the same target.  Your shot should consist of lead pellets for consistency.

Repeat this procedure for the other barrel, firing at a fresh target.

Locate the center of mass of the shot pattern from each target. If the center of mass of the pattern is within six (6) inches of the center of the black dot, then the shotgun is considered compliant with factory specifications.

Please note that if you are using steel shot, you should use no tighter than a modified choke tube.  This is especially applicable to the A350 Xtrema, which comes equipped with a single Optima-HP Modified (.712) choke.

If you wish to send your shotgun to Beretta USA for a patterning evaluation, please note that Beretta does not cover shipping on shotguns being returned for patterning evaluation.  Upon receipt of your shotgun, you will be quoted a $70 evaluation fee, which includes the cost of labor, ammunition and return shipping of the firearm.  If our testing indicates that your shotgun does not meet manufacturer parameters and it is under our factory warranty, we will service your shotgun to bring it into compliance factory parameters.  Additionally, we will waive the $70 evaluation fee, and return your shotgun--free of charge. If your shotgun is not under warranty, we will contact you with a quotation for service.  Regardless of the method of repair, you will receive your patterning results on paper targets.

To send your firearm to Beretta USA for evaluation, click here.