My O/U shotgun came with a front swivel for mounting on the barrel, where do I locate the mount and what size hole should I drill?

Make sure the firearm chambers are unloaded before performing any procedures!!!

These instructions are for use by individuals with some machine shop experience. If you are not certain how to perform any of the steps, DO NOT ATTEMPT.  It is better to leave this work to a professional or send it to a Beretta-Authorized Service Center.

Please apply the following instructions:

You may choose the location of the swivel but generally they are installed 1" to 2" forward of the fore-end.   

1.  Temporarily install the swivel mount and mark the location of the 4 holes to be drilled into the mid-rib. 

2.  Remove the mount and use a number 56 bit to drill in all 4 locations.  The space behind the mid rib is hollow so stop drilling as soon as the bit cuts through the rib. Drill carefully, install the screws carefully - you do not want to slip and scratch your barrels.