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My Xtrema2 has had problems with ocasionally not firing.

Xtrema2 not firing

The manufacturer and type of load does not seem to matter, although it is most common with 1oz and 1 1/8oz loads.  There will be a light dent in the primer and if I eject the shell and reload it will typically fire.  I have also noticed every shell fired has only light dents in the primers no matter what type of ammo.  I always let the bolt assembly slam shut and the gun probably has around 600 rounds through it.  There are probably 2-3 FTF every 100 rounds.  Is it possible my gun came from the factory with too short of a firing pin?

Here are the things that you can check before sending your firearm in for repair:

​1.  Ensure that the o-ring in your forend is properly installed. ​

2.  Make certain the firing pin hole in your breech face is clean.  You can use a pipe cleaner and some solvent to clean it.

3.  Ensure that the forend is firmly seated in the receiver.