Should all the Serial Numbers on my firearm match my receiver number?

Matching serial numbers

Beretta sells firearms internationally. Laws regarding what component of the firearm will be serialized and regulated will vary by country. For this reason you will find serial numbers on various components of our firearms. These numbers may or may not match the other components of the firearm based on the model you own.  Serial Numbers are only matched on production Over & Under Shotguns, and Side by Side Shotguns where hand fitting of the barrel is required.  This is true of Shotgun Combo sets as well.  If the receiver serial number does not match the other components on these models, it is possible that some part has been replaced on the firearm.  The US market relies on the serial number present on the receiver, rather than any other component. Semi-automatic Shotguns and Pistols have a serialized receiver and may or may not have any numbers, or matching numbers, on the other components.  Again, only the receiver is of concern or regulation. Sako and Tikka rifles will have the serial number stamped on the receiver, and the last digits of this number engraved on the bolt, if it is the original factory component.