The over & under owners manual makes reference to a ejector / extractor switch.

This switch is only found on the current 471 Silver Hawk side-by-side shotgun. This manual covers both over-under and side-by-side shotguns. Instructions to operate this selector switch are shown in the manual:

Caution: Make sure the firearm chambers are empty and the firearm is unloaded first.

1 - Remove the fore-end by depressing the button at the front and pulling the fore-end down and away from the receiver .

2 - Locate the selector switch inside the fore-end on the left - rear end of the fore-end iron, it is marked E and M.

3 - Locate the small round hole drilled into the selector switch and install a punch, small screw driver or similar tool into this hole - move the switch forward to E for automatic ejection of the shells or towards the M for mechanical extraction of the shells.

4 - Reinstall the fore-end on the shotgun.