Tomcat historical information.

In 1996 Beretta released a new small pistol chambered for .32 Automatic and named the Model 3032 Tomcat.

This new model was similar to the Model 21A pistols but with slightly larger dimensions and weight to handle the more powerful cartridge. Initially offered in a matte or blued finish the pistol featuring a carbon steel slide and tip up style barrel mated to an alloy frame. Other specifications included a manual safety, 7 round magazine, plastic grips and a weight of 14.5 ounces.

In late 1999 an Inox version was introduced to the line up featuring a stainless steel slide and barrel mated to the alloy frame. The Inox version also introduced two new features, one exclusive to the Inox, a slide with wider external dimensions, this additional material added weight to the pistol bringing the total up to 15.8 ounces. This was done to help control perceived recoil while firing the small pistol. The second new feature was added across the Tomcat line, a longer safety lever. This new lever was designed to allow easier and quicker application of the manual safety, it also required a change in the molding of the left side grip to allow proper clearance for the new lever.

2001 brought a new introduction to the 3032 line, the Tomcat Titanium. This pistol utilized the same slide and barrel from the Inox pistol but now featured a Titanium frame. The most notable differences of this version were the gray colored grips and the "T I" prefix in the serial number. The Titanium model was actually the heaviest of all Tomcats weighing 16.9 ounces, this was due to the fact that while Titanium weighs less than steel it was heavier than the alloy frame it replaced. Around 1500 of these pistols were produced. We are considering another run of this version in the future.

The Tomcat Tritium was introduced in 2002. This pistol had the same specifications as the matte finished version but with the addition of a tritium night sight dovetailed into the barrel and an express style rear sight dovetailed to the slide. The tritium version gave the shooter a glowing front sight to reference during low light shooting conditions. This model is also referred to as the Alley cat.

Two new versions of the 3032 are offered in 2007. First is the Tomcat Laser grip, a matte finished, alloy frame model with a rubber type wrap around grip that contains a laser sighting unit. The unit is activated by squeezing the momentary button located at the front of the grip strap. This unit was made for Beretta by Crimson Trace Corporation. The second new offering is a two tone version using a matte alloy frame mated to a stainless slide and barrel. This version weighs the same as the Inox model and uses black plastic grips for a contrasting look. Additionally a high polish Inox version was produced exclusively for the distributor Acusport Corporation. The slide sides are high polished, black grips and gold small parts are features of this version.

View our current model Tomcats here.

2007 limited edition model 3032 named the Tomcat HP (high polish). This year we are releasing a special edition in certain models. As these are limited in production and usually sold through exclusive distributors within the industry we have not provided any published data in print or on our website. These pistols were manufactured in December of 2006 and released in January 2007. We typically do not provide final production figures but I believe about 1000 of this model was produced. Listed MSRP was $475.

Presently, there are no plans to produce the M3032 in 9mm caliber.