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Unloading the ES100 Pintail

WARNING; The firearm is loaded and ready to fire. Keep your fingers away from the trigger whenever you do not intend to fire the shotgun.
The shells cannot be unloaded from the magazine by manually cycling the bolt. The unloading procedure is outlined in the Pintail manual and we suggest reviewing your manual first as photographs of the required steps are included on the back pages.
Point the shotgun muzzle in a safe direction, make sure the safety is engaged
Retract the breech bolt using the cocking handle: make sure the chambered live round is extracted and ejected. Use the cocking handle, bring the breech bolt back to the firing position making sure the chamber is still empty. Working from the bottom of the receiver, push up on the shell carrier. Locate the shell latch inside the receiver, it is the small tab on the inside of the action that is in contact with the rim of the shell to be unloaded from the magazine. This latch must be pushed in, in order to release each shell from the magazine individually. The shells will be unloaded one at a time from the bottom of the shotgun. Make sure the magazine is completely empty.