What is Beretta's policy regarding repairs or replacement of wood stocks?

When firearms are returned to Beretta for repair, wood stocks and forends are serviced according to the following criteria:

Warranty Repairs (1 year from original date of purchase plus 2 years if registered with Beretta.)

Beretta does not warrant cosmetic blemishes such as scratches, dents and other minor imperfections. Defects that are not of a cosmetic nature will be resolved at Beretta's discretion upon receipt and evaluation of the firearm.

Non-Warranty Repairs

Beretta will replace the wood with a comparable quality wood to restore the firearm to a functional condition. Due to availability of specific finishes and styles, the replacement wood may be of a different finish or checkering than originally came with the firearm.  The customer will incur a charge for the cost and fitting of the wood.