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What is "KO" I see referenced in advertisements?

"KO" is the abbreviation for Kick-Off, it is a recoil reduction system (patent pending) offered as an option in some models of our shotguns. Introduced in 2006 as an option in the 391 Xtrema 2 and in 2007 as an option in AL 391 Urika 2 shotguns. The Kick-Off  is a device installed in the butt end of a synthetic stock. This device is a self contained unit that features two hydraulic recoil dampeners and two coil springs. Upon recoil this unit compresses a short distance under control of the springs and hydraulics, this controlled compression delays the transfer of energy to your shoulder providing a decrease of perceived recoil. A shotgun equipped with the KO unit can be identified by checking between the recoil pad and stock, it appears as a one inch spacer made of a soft synthetic surround. On the right side you will find the name "KICK-OFF" is molded into this spacer. A non KO shotgun will have a hard plastic spacer just forward of the pad with no markings on it. If you are in doubt ask the dealer to confirm the catalog code for this product. The KO unit can also be installed as a kit in any synthetic stocked Xtrema, Xtrema 2, Urika or Urika 2 shotgun. See ID 527 for more information on installation.​