What is the difference between the U22 Neos Dlx and the U22 Inox?

There are two different versions of the Neos with two different finishes.  We have the standard Neos in both a blue and an inox finish (silver).  These are available in 4.5" and 6" barrels.  The DLX version of the Neos is also available in a blue or inox finish with 6" or 7.5" (2004 - 2005 only) barrels.  The major differences between the standard Neos and DLX is the fact that the DLX has been created for the advanced shooter.  The DLX features a trigger that is adjustable for pre and over travel, extra front and rear sights in multiple colors, grips with rubber inserts, and an aggressive molding pattern for a secure grip.
The Neos DLX and the 7.5 inch barrels are no longer produced by Beretta.