What is the recommended lubricant for my Beretta firearm?

Lubricant recommendation

Note: Many lubricants are colloquially referred to as CLP: "Cleaner, Lubricant & Preservative."
Beretta "Olio" (oil) is the recommended lubricant for Beretta firearms. Please refer to your Beretta instruction manual for recommended lubrication procedures.
If you cannot obtain Beretta oil, any good quality commercial gun oil is suitable.  Take care to avoid certain solvents with abrasive or finish stripping qualities.  We do not recommend dry lubricants, nor gun grease on our firearms, unless otherwise specified.
  • CLP/lubricant is generally applied to areas of the firearm that generate friction (e.g. frame to slide)
  • Lubricant is also used for the purposes of preserving metal finishes, by means of displacing moisture
  • Lubricants will sometimes develop an adherent quality in time, creating a need for consistent cleaning to prevent excess friction
  • CLP and other lubricants often suffice as a quick cleaning solution, although dedicated cleaning solvents are often recommended

Certain points should be free of any lubrication, such as firing pin channels, as well as semi-automatic shotgun piston assemblies.

Note: While not recommended on most components, we do recommend a good quality gun grease on the cam block lug of our Px4 Full Size and Compact pistols.  However, all remaining components should be oiled (not greased) as needed