What makes people think that the Beretta 680 series guns are so special?

680 Series Shotguns

We do not like to think of the 680 series shotguns as special but rather that they are an exceptional example of engineering and manufacturing. The 686 White Onyx being an excellent case in point. The White Onyx is currently our most cost effective over under and is built on the world-renowned Beretta 680 series action.

There is no other over under shotgun that incorporates the engineering features and quality of the White Onyx at this price point.

The 680 series action has a history of over 30 years as being one of most successful and popular over and under shotguns in the competition, including countless World and Olympic championships,  and hunting shotgun field.

Every aspect of the a 680 series shotgun, whether the cost effective 686 White Onyx or the top of the line 687 EELL competition grade shotgun, is focused on make the shotgun the most durable available and most comfortable for the shooter.

It is not uncommon for 680 series competition shotguns to have 80,000 to 100,000 rounds fired though them during their life time and thousands of these high use shotguns are still in everyday use. To achieve this type of life expectancy the firearm must be easily serviced and there in are the major aspects that make the Beretta design stand out from the competition.

Benefits of all Beretta 680 series shotguns over other makes of over/under shotguns are:
Low profile receiver:
The Beretta 680 series guns feature a very low profile and narrow receiver.
The lower the profile, or depth, of the receiver the closer the center line of the barrel set to the center line of the stock. This equates to less felt recoil for the shooter, less muzzle rise at the shot and faster recovery time to get back on a second bird or target.

Field serviceable hinge pins:
With extended use the receiver hinge pins of any break open type shotgun, side by side or over under, will wear. With wear of the hinge pins the barrel set will get "sloppy" in the receiver, feel lose and ultimately with enough wear of the hinge pins the barrels will stand away from the breech face of the receiver enough where the firing pins can no longer reach the primer of the cartridge with sufficient force to discharge the cartridges reliably shot to shot. Unlike many over unders  where the hinge pins or trunions are machined as part of the receiver walls, the Beretta hinge pins are threaded into the receiver wall and are easily removed and replaced by a qualified gunsmith. This makes the hinge pin easily serviced by the gunsmith and does not require a major factory rebuild. Hinge pins are available in four "oversize" diameters which allow cost effective service of the shotgun for many, many tens of thousand rounds or more

Field serviceable locking lugs:
The Beretta 680 series shotguns incorporate self-adjusting dual, conical shaped, locking lugs. The conical (tapered) shape of the locking lugs allow the lugs, in conjunction with the top lever mentioned below, to be self-adjusting and compensate for wear. The unique shape of the locking lugs actually increase the tightness of the lock up insuring a bank vault tight lock up over time. The locking lugs are uniquely placed high above the center point of the barrel set where the torque thrust on the lugs is low, reducing the stress on the locking lugs and receiver body. This is in contrast to many shotgun designs that have the locking lug(s) locking into the middle or the bottom of the barrel set where the stresses caused by firing the cartridge are multiplied and put considerable more strain on the locking lug and receiver body.

The locking lugs are available in four "oversize" tapers to cost effectively accommodate the long life expected of a Beretta over under. The locking lugs are field serviceable by qualified gunsmiths and do not require a factory overhaul.

"Intelligent" top lever:
The top lever is the lever located on the receiver that one pushes to open the barrel set. The top lever acts directly on the locking lugs. When a Beretta is new the top lever will stand off to the right hand side of the center line of the receiver. Over the years and with thousands of rounds of use, as the locking lugs "wear in" the top lever will move very gradually to left toward the center line and with considerably more use eventually to the left of center. This "intelligent" lever accommodates the locking lugs ability to self-adjust for normal wear and also serves as an indicator when the locking lugs are near the end of the usable life. When the top lever is visibly past center the shotgun should be serviced.
This contrasts with many designs where the locking lug and top lever are static and are not able to compensate for any appreciateable normal wear typical to the locking lug(s).

One piece spring-loaded ejectors:
Ejectors need occasional cleaning to ensure positive operation, especially when exposed to inclement weather often encountered when hunting. The Beretta 680 series ejectors may be easily removed for cleaning and lubrication with out the need of tools of any kind by the owner.

Low profile forearm:
The compact ejector firing system and forearm iron work together to allow a very slender forearm with the barrel set located closer to the hand for a more accurate instinctive point and swing.

Hammer forged, chrome-lined barrels:
Beretta has been making barrels since the 1500's! Hammer forging produces perfectly concentric barrel tubes that result in a thinner tube wall to optimize gun weight and balance while at the same time offering the same high strength of thicker walled barrels. Beretta is one of first to recognize the need to provide chrome lined barrels and chambers on field grade shotguns, as well as competition grade shotguns. Chrome lining provides superior corrosion resistance protecting the chamber and bore from plastic deposit build-up, which can in regular steel barrels frequently causes poor extraction due to pitting of the chamber, as well as protection from the most punishing field conditions.

Low cost of ownership:
When you purchase a any Beretta 680 series shotgun you have the assurance of having a gun made to same design and with the very same parts as our most elaborate 687 Giubileo only the cosmetics and shooting venue specific details (trap, skeet, sporting, field) differ.
Ultimately any shotgun will require service if used extensively or under adverse conditions. As you can see Beretta shotguns are designed to deliver world class performance over a lifetime of rugged use, all with a low cost of ownership. Compare the cost of replacing the hinge pins and locking lugs on any 680 series Beretta over under against the same cost of repair associated with our competitors guns. You will be pleasantly surprised at the very low cost for the Beretta.

 Beretta Service and Support:

Beretta takes pride in our product support and we constantly strive to improve as marketplace demands change. Should your Beretta shotgun need routine cleaning, or in the unlikely event that you require a warranty repair or non-warranty service we have strategically located regional Authorized Beretta Service Centers across the United States. For the location and contact information for the Beretta Service Center nearest you

These service centers can assist you with the everything from the simplest of adjustments to the most complex of repairs should they ever be required as well as answer many of the technical questions you may have.   As an additional courtesy and convenience to our customers Beretta has qualified gunsmiths in attendance at many of the annual national trap, skeet and sporting clay events held through out the USA.  

We hope this will give you the insight into the Beretta that will allow you to make an educated decision in choosing between the purchase of a Beretta 680 series over/under shotgun and the products offered by our competitors.

In the end we hope that your chose is the Beretta. We are confident that it is a superior product with superior support and we are sure you will not be disappointed.