What scope mounting systems are available for my Sako or Tikka rifle?

With the exception of the Sako Model A7 all current and most vintage Sako and Tikka rifles feature a integral scope mount dovetail or rail. The dovetail system is advantageous in that it eliminates the use of the screws commonly associated with attaching scope mount bases.

The Sako dovetail system is unique in that once the scope mount system is seated on the tapered dovetails the mounts are impervious to further movement. The Sako dovetail system has remained unchanged over the years and Sako mount systems are interchangeable between current and vintage models.

Scope rings typically are not shipped as part of the Sako 85 packaging. You can visit the
Sako website  or the Beretta USA E-Store to learn about scope mount options for your Sako rifle.

Sako A7 rifles utilizes conventional screw attached scope mount bases and the rifles are shipped with a pair of Picatinny/Weaver™ scope mount bases. The scope rings or ring mounts are not included with the rifle. Picatinny/Weaver™ style scope rings and alternate scope mount systems are commonly available from your shooting sports retailer. Sako A7 and the Browning A-Bolt series rifles feature the same receiver top profile and mounting systems may be used interchangeably.

As a value added convenience the Tikka T3 rifles are shipped with ring mounts that will accommodate a scope with a 1 inch tube diameter and 40 mm objective, with the exceptions of the Tactical and Varmint models that do not include ring mounts.  The complimentary rings furnished with the Tikka T3 rifle are suitable for typical fixed and variable power scopes not exceeding a 40 mm objective. For larger diameter objective and heavier scopes the optional Optilock ring mounts are recommended to withstand the greater strain subjected by the recoil inertia on these heavier optics. The best place to start is by visiting the
Tikka website to view your various options and download the specifications for each scope mounting system.