Whats different with the model 85 over the model 75 rifle

The principal features of the 85 are:
NEW - Controlled round feeding. Based on the time tested Model 75 three lug bolt the Model 85 maintains the best features of the Model 75 while adding positive controlled round feeding. Compared to other actions with controlled round feed the Sako 85 three lug bolt head offers 10 to 40% more surface area.

NEW - Lengthened Rear Bolt Guide. Makes an already smooth action even smoother. Typically the shorter the action the more susceptible it is to bolt bind due do decreased bearing surface area. The lengthened Rear Bolt Guide of the Model 85 eliminates the possibility of bolt bind when bolt is functioned fast and hard, particularly important in the very popular WSM length action.

NEW - Total Control Magazine Latch. TheTCM Latch makes it all but impossible to lose a magazine due to the magazine latch accidentally being bushed. The new TCM Latch requires slight upward pressure on the magazine at the same time the magazine latch is being pushed, easily accomplished with a cold hand, to release the magazine.

NEW - Synthetic Stock Models, FinSoft Recoil Disipating Butt Pad. Unique to the synthetic stock models the FinSoft Butt Pad system incorporates integral soft, hollow fins that collapse to absorb and redirect the recoil force down, away from the shooter's cheek.

NEW - Sculptured Receiver Profile. The receiver and bolt shroud profiles have been sculptured, reducing the weight of the affected parts and enhance their appearance.

Blade Style Ejector - Carried over from the Model 75 the blade ejector is a favorite of target shooters, varmint and big game hunters. The blade ejector offers two principal advantages over the spring-loaded plunger type ejector found on many competitors rifles: variable ejection force and reliability. The blade ejector is a favorite of target shooters, varmint hunters and handloaders because of the controllable ejection force. With a blade ejector the intencity that the cartridge is ejected is directly related to how fast (force) the bolt is moved to the rear on its opening stroke. Open the bolt slowly and the fired cartridge will just roll out of the receiver and drop on the bench or in your hand. You do not have to chase your brass. Open the bolt smartly and the case will fly well clear of the rifle and shooter. For reliability the blade ejector can not be beat. It is very common to see competitors rifles subjected to harsh hunting conditions with the ejector plunger not functioning due to rust build up in the ejector plunger hole.

Recoil Lug Intergral with the Stock. The flat integral recoil lug and flat receiver bottom is one of the features that contributes greatly to the accuracy of the Model 75 and New Model 85 family of rifles. When compared to a round bottom action with a recoil lug sandwiched between receiver and barrel, Sako is able to use modern CNC machine tools to machine the interlocking flat receiver, recoil lug and stock surfaces with incrediable accuracy thereby elliminating any chance of the recoil lug or bedding surfaces putting any unwanted pressure on the barreled action. The custom gunsmith and stock maker will also find this a much easier process to inlet a custom stock with target gun accuracy by using a simple router setup to machine the required mortise and bedding surfaces.

Integral Scope Mount: Receiver machined with traditional Sako intergral scope mount dovetails eliminating the typical 6x48 tpi screws used to secure the scope mount base to the rifle.

Trigger user adjustable to a minimum of 2 pounds