Where can I have a custom wood stock made for my shotgun or rifle? Also, I have an older shotgun that I would like to restore back to its original condition, where can I obtain a stock for it?

Custom Stock

Beretta typically maintains wood stocks and forends for current production model firearms only.  These stocks and forends can be obtained as a special order item via Brownells or can be ordered by your Beretta dealer.  In some cases, due to the low volume of usage, some of these stocks may be "special order" items that Beretta does not maintain in inventory and orders directly from the manufacturer.  In many cases, due to inherent variations in color, grain and finish, stocks and forends are sold in sets to preclude the likely possibility that one piece will not match the other. For non-current model Beretta firearms, the best place to start is with our partner Midwest Gun Works.  They typically carry many of our non-current stocks and forends. Finally, if you have exhausted the resources listed above, or desire to have a custom stock for your firearm, Brockmans can produce a wood set for you.